Acropol Jastrzębski Orzechowska Spółka jawna

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in freight forwarding industry


About us

Why you can trust us

  • Modern fleet of trucks at our disposal
  • Headquarters and 7 developing branches
  • Contributed capital of over 20 million złoty
  • 25-year of experience in the transport industry
  • Personalized customer service for each client
  • Customer service available in 8 languages
  • Experts in the international transport and forwarding industries
  • 72,000 loads each year
  • Specialized in express cargo

About us

What makes us unique?

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority- the results of the survey of our customers prove our highest quality of service. The top factors praised by them were our:



Timely deliveries are crucial, so all our transport orders are done right on time.



We respond to our customers' every enquiry, be it by phone or email. Also, you are always welcome to visit our headquarters in Kalisz or one of our branches in 7 other cities in Poland.

Rapid communication


We respond quickly and exhaustively to all questions and doubts that our customers might have before and during the realisation of orders.

“I inherited the passion for transport from my father, who was the best driving instructor. When growing up, I dabbled in many fields, but my fondness for driving prevailed. Nowadays, I am proud that I can share my passion and experience with others, just like my father did. This way I know that my employees and I are more than a just company. We are one big family. We want our partners to feel that they are its part too, therefore we have been aiming for the best quality of our services. We focus on safety and loyalty because family is the most important thing."

The founder of the company

Sławomir Jastrzębski

About us

History of the company

The history of the company began 25 years ago, when the founder of the company Sławomir Jastrzębski, as a young boy, started his adventure with driving a car. His father was his driving instructor who bestowed upon him his passion and driving experience. It was then that the young man saw what his dream really was.

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